David Spoede has had over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of legal matters, having practiced law in both large and small law firms, and as General Counsel for two companies.  His clients have ranged in size from major corporations to small companies, and from some of America's wealthiest individuals to budding entrepreneurs. Because of David's wide-ranging experience, there are few business legal issues with which he does not have significant expertise. 

Although David has represented many large clients, he is also eager to assist regular individuals and smaller companies.  He enjoys being able to help people personally, and to see how his legal advice and counsel has a direct personal benefit for his clients.  His years in big firms and representing large clients now allow him to provide to small and mid-sized clients the same type of premium legal service and capabilities that the largest clients demand but at rates that local clients can afford.

David has relocated to northern Idaho, opened a new law office, and is enjoying the area's beauty, weather, and outdoor activities.

David is licensed to practice law in Idaho, Texas and New Mexico (inactive) and all or most of the federal courts of those states.